Thanks to archaeology, Fort Odanak has revealed a number of its secrets. This fortified 18th-century village was unique in North America. Built on the orders of Louis XIV, King of France, it was inhabited by the Abenakis, one of the First Nations of America, and served as a rampart against Iroquois and British raids in the St. Lawrence Valley. A team of archaeologists conducted investigations to uncover physical remains of the fort and the site’s different occupations. This virtual exhibition invites you to discover the results of this research.

The Yesterday section takes you through Abenaki territory, which used to extend from the Atlantic coast of northeastern North America to the St. Lawrence River. It enables you to relive the conflicts that led Abenaki groups to settle at Odanak. The Today section situates the Abenaki community in the 21st century. It walks you through the steps involved in the archaeological work done on the site to discover the lifeways of the people who inhabited this fortified village on the banks of the Saint-François River.

Thanks to history and archaeology, you will be able to explore many little known facets of Odanak’s past. Enjoy your visit!